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Training ISO 15489

International Standard ISO 15489, Information and Documentation – Records Management (Geneva, 2001) was developed by an international committee of records management professionals, was launched by ARMA International ic October 2001 and is supported by the Standards Council of Canada.

This International Standard provides guidance on creating records policies, procedures, system and processes to support the management of records in all formats. It is widely used internationally in both private and public sector organizations.

This standard was designed to meet the ongoing need for efficient and cost effective best practice recordkeeping in a business environment. It is also used as the basis for other practical guidelines and specifications.

There are many benefits that you can get, among other things :

  • It meets the recordkeeping needs of organizations worldwide
  • It provides comprehensive guidance to assist staff with routine, yet critical, records management tasks
  • As an international standard, it gives an widely accepted framework to help managers set up and maintain best practice recordkeeping systems
  • It provides a monitoring and auditing framework, so compliance and benefits can be measured in an objective fashion.